Better quality of life through balance, strength and clarity


The InnerBalance Concept was developed by managers, teachers and top athletes, who are also certified yoga teachers and/or mental trainers.

Self-empowerment and utilizing best practice methods from the areas of mental training, relaxation methods from Yoga and Zen are the pillars of the InnerBalance Concept. 


Getting acquainted with the various InnerBalance methods help you to improve your ability to concentrate as well as enable you to handle challenging situations in a balanced and composed way. This is achieved by internalizing easy techniques and their integration into daily life. A study showed that this method helps to reduce the effects of stress needing treatment (e.g. burnout). The study also pointed out that neglecting recovery and relaxation time leads to a lowered psychic, mental and physical ability. With the multiple responsibilities and roles which each of us face every day it's quite challenging to pay attention to one's health. The InnerBalance Concept has been specifically developed to achieve this kind of awareness, throughout today's busy lifestyle. 


"It is time for Inner Balance"


The pillars of the InnerBalance Concept are self empowerment and best practice methods from the areas of mental training, relaxation methods and Yoga & Zen. 


All techniques have been deliberately chosen to ensure that they are highly efficient as well as easy to learn and integrate into daily life. The exercises are conducted either walking, sitting or lying. Prior knowledge is not required. 


The InnerBalance Program offers customized classes for individual groups. Development of an inner balance is particularly effective for long-term accomplishments in performance and success in the areas of business, professional athletes and education. A variety of modules are offered to meet your individual needs. 

InnerBalance Basic - Weekly Classes

InnerBalance Compact - Workshop Format

InnerBalance Home - On a 1-2-1 basis

InnerBalance Work


The multiple daily roles and responsibilities in professional and personal life (i.e. time pressure, dealing with superiors, customers, colleagues and family, sport activities, etc.) have to be organized and aligned. Each of these domains require a composed approach, a balanced use of one's personal resources and a clear mind. The techniques of the InnerBalacne Concept help to master daily life. They encourage calmness, strength and clarity 


The InnerBalance Concept has been specifically developed to achieve this kind of awareness while taking today's lifestyle into consideration. In weekly classes, workshops or in a 1:1 I'll show you the way to a better quality of life. You will experience a greater sense of calmness, strength and clarity. Get in touch with me soon. 


"We cannot teach people anything; we can only help them discover it within themselves."

Galileo Galilei



All InnerBalance Concept formats are focusing on the same particular topics


Introduction | Calmness | Strength | Clarity | Inner Balance


And each unit is structured as follows

- Arrival and initial relaxation

- Learning and improving breathing techniques

- Mental training for relaxation and concentration

- Collection of methods, including SOS tools for quick help

- Final relaxation


InnerBalance Basic - a weekly class held on site in the customers' rooms and consists of five units. Each unit lasts 60 minutes and focuses on one of the above mentioned particular topic. This basic class can be integrated into a current InnerBalance class or into an InnerBalance Business Yoga class. 


InnerBalance Compact - lasts up to 180 minutes and can easily be integrated as an extraordinary and effective framework program during workshops, conventions and seminars. It also works well as an employee incentive. 


InnerBalance Work

Rising requirements in performance, insecure workplaces and the restructuring of companies are today's business health challenges. This constant stress often leads to chronic sickness and requires effective preventative strategies. 


The Burn-Out-Prevention is a regular module within the workplace health promotion strategy. The InnerBalance Program delivers sustainable value: the program reduces individual stress levels and, consequently, promotes all-round long-term improved performance. With the support of this program employers can increase employees' motivation and work efficiency, thereby significantly reducing the costs for sick leave. 

Balance Compact as well as Balance Basic are suitable as modules of an effective Burn-Out-Prevention program. 




"If you can't find inner peace within yourself, where else can you find it?"

Francois de la Rochefoucauld