SATURDAY, June 2nd


Are you ready to discover Yoga? Or maybe you'd like to experience new facets of Yoga? Then this is the perfect workshop for you. This workshop is meant for all levels - whether you are totally new to Yoga or whether you would like to deepen your experience. 

~ ~ ~

This workshop is all about hips. We will warm up with an intensive Vinyasa sequence and intensify some positions during the following Yin Yoga part. The main focus is on "hip openers". Positions that provide for sense of lightness, extra energy and a relaxed mind. 

~ ~ ~

We start with a Pranayama session – breath work from Hatha and Kundalini Yoga – to get the vital energy of life into a flow and to release any existing blockages. 

~ ~ ~

Subsequently we'll flow through a Yang session with the focus on hip openers. Thus free and control our energy of life.

~ ~ ~

The Yang part is followed by a Yin Yoga Flow. We will use the previously awakened energy to dive into more intense hip focused asanas supported by aroma oil fragrances.

~ ~ ~

Finally we'll find relaxation during a mediation - The Bodyscan. 

~ ~ ~



Date & Time: Saturday June 2nd, 14.00 - 17.00 



Location: Bodyspirit Sony Auer

If the weather allows we'll meet at Bodyspirit and will practice outside


Price:  CHF 60.-

Minimum Participants: 6 for each Workshop


Registration or questions: