Discover the power of Essential Oils

Sunday, November 7th, 2018



Do you want to learn more about how the fantastic and powerful oils of doTERRA can support you? 


Do you want to experience the different uses of essential oils and their effects, for example energizing, lifting your spirits, grounding, calming? 


This workshop gives you the possibility to experiment and smell many single oils and oil blends. 


Come and join us and get inspired by the wonderful world of essential oils!


Experimenting with these powerful oils can disclose unimagined possibilities für the personal and professional use. You will be excited about the natural power that hides in these oil bottles. 

I'll show you the different ways of using these oils, their properties and effects and how to dive deeper - step by step - into the amazing world of essential oils and where and how to get support during your "Essential Oils Journey". 


This workshop is suitable for everyone, who wants get more information about the qualitatively outstanding oils by doTERRA: Yogis & Yogins, Yoga teachers, families, athletes, therapists of any kind, wellness coaches - in short anyone who wants to broaden his/her horizon with knowledge about essential oils. 


Everyone is welcome!


Come and join us and get infected with the passion for essential oils! 



Sunday, November 11th,  2pm - 4pm



 Bodyspirit - Sony Auer



CHF 25.- incl. Mini Orange Oil, Beverages & Snacks


Registration here.